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Costello, Cooney & Fearon represents employers in labor and employment law matters as well as in the increasingly complex area of employee benefits.



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Employment Law & Employment Law Litigation


Even though your employees may not be covered under an individual employment contract, a myriad of state and federal statutes protect the rights of these workers. Our Employment Law lawyers assist employers in complying with state and federal employment law statutes and also provide their litigation expertise in these specialized matters should litigation result for whatever reason. Our labor and employment services include counsel on: 

  • Defending you before administrative agencies or in State or Federal Court concerning labor and employment law claims
  • Material to be included in employee handbooks
  • Information to be included in personnel files
  • Information to be released for employment references
  • Preparing policies against discrimination and sexual harassment
  • How to comply with the latest federal and state statutes affecting the workplace
  • What to do when you need to discipline or discharge an employee
  • Minimum wage and prevailing wage disputes
  • Unemployment claims
  • Independent contractor issues
  • OSHA complaints, inspections and record keeping requirements
  • Workers' Compensation claims


Labor Law


If your company or institution is organized, our services include: 

  • Negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements
  • Administering the agreement, including handling grievance and arbitration hearings
  • Representing you before NLRB and PERB concerning representation issues and improper or unfair labor practice issues

If you are faced with union organizing campaigning, our lawyers have the expertise to advise and represent you in:

  • All aspects of developing an effective management response to a unionization threat
  • Response to the National Labor Relations Board or the New York State Public Employment Relations Board concerning an election petition


Employee Benefits


The area of employee benefits has become one of the costliest for employers to administer and maintain. To assure compliance with the complex laws and regulations governing employee benefits, our labor and employment lawyers assist in: 

  • Designing pension and employee benefit plans
  • Structuring deferred compensation plans
  • Maintaining and administering plans
  • Filing necessary forms on a timely basis
  • Carrying out your fiduciary responsibility
  • Complying with the requirements of ERISA and COBRA

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