Construction / Surety Law

Costello, Cooney & Fearon, PLLC supports a construction/surety law practice that is one of the most comprehensive in Central New York. Our clientele include not only contractors but construction managers, general contractors, architects, engineers, equipment and material suppliers and site owners, both public and private. We carry the experience and reputation for handling matters from the largest contractors and construction managers to more locally-based project contractors and owners, not only efficiently and aggressively but with a cost-effective approach.

Construction/Surety Law Experience

Our team is experienced and well-versed in the latest changes to labor law and construction statutes and regulations and the latest case law that interpret them with an eye toward early resolution of claims. Likewise, our team carries familiarity with federal and state OSHA regulations. We have lent our credentials and expertise to claims involving projects for major bridges, roadways, nuclear and cogeneration power plants, stadiums and major city structures.

The firm has offered training and guidance in the drafting or developing of policies and procedures for recognition and management of claims.

Our attorneys provide guidance and advice regarding bonding and insurance issues in all avenues of various construction projects. Contact Robert Smith for more information.



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