Municipal Law

Costello, Cooney & Fearon represents legislative boards, zoning boards and planning boards for towns and villages in the Central New York area. The firm also represents county and city governments in certain matters.

Municipal Law Services

In addition to ongoing counseling, our lawyers assist municipal clients by:

  • Counseling on environmental issues
  • Counseling on fiscal matters, including budgets and public finance
  • Counseling on zoning matters
  • Drafting local laws and ordinances
  • Assisting in comprehensive land use planning
  • Preparing competitive public bid documents
  • Providing code enforcement counsel
  • Providing general legislative advice
  • Preparing intermunicipal agreements
  • Assuring compliance with State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)
  • Advising on solid waste matters
  • Advising on labor/management matters

Through years of experience with local, state and federal governments, our attorneys know their way through the bureaucratic maze. Members of the practice group are active in state and local planning federations and speak on municipal law subjects on a regular basis. Membership in the municipal law committees of the various bar associations also ensure that our lawyers remain on the cutting edge of municipal issues.

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