Elder Law / Asset Protection

The area of elder law means many things to attorneys who practice it. For some, it is protecting the rights of the elderly to ensure that they are receiving the correct amount of Social Security, disability benefits or health insurance coverage. To others, it is to ensure that our seniors do not become the victims of physical or financial abuse. From time to time, an elderly person is no longer competent to manage their own affairs and requires a guardian.

In many cases, it is the individual's desire to legally protect his or her assets so that all or some may be protected from being used for nursing home expenses. Our lawyers are skilled in all areas of the field of elder law and stand ready to advise you as to the best way to serve seniors' needs with a minimum of intervention to their independence. This level of expertise is critical in an area which is constantly changing due to proposed massive cuts in federal and state programs that benefit the elderly.

Through the use of guardianship proceedings, partnerships with geriatric care managers, and estate planning tools such as trusts, we can assist to ensure the physical and financial well-being of our parents and other relatives.

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