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Navigating the Syracuse area’s increased construction & development

With the reopenings of business full-swing after the COVID-19 pandemic, downtown Syracuse has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in construction activity. This new development brings exciting changes to the Syracuse area. It also brings new challenges for property developers, contractors, and legal professionals alike.

As a law firm specializing in construction law, we are keenly observing this budding construction boom and are prepared to provide valuable insights and expertise to all stakeholders involved.


Unveiling the Construction Boom in the Syracuse Area

Syracuse’s recent surge in construction is reshaping the city’s skyline, with cranes dotting the horizon and new structures taking shape throughout the downtown area, as well as the greater Central New York area, with the anticipation of Micron’s new manufacturing facility in Clay, New York. The influx of development projects, ranging from commercial high-rises, like City Center, and the recent redevelopment of Symphony Place, bringing residential apartments to a long-vacant building adjacent to the Hotel Syracuse, signifies the city’s growth and economic vitality. However, with increased construction comes a complex array of legal challenges that demand attention and expertise in construction law.


Navigating Legal Complexities

Construction projects inherently involve numerous stakeholders, intricate contracts, zoning and land use applications, regulatory compliance, and potential disputes.

Our law firm understands the legal complexities which arise throughout the construction process, from drafting contracts to resolving claims and disputes. We provide comprehensive legal services tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that their projects are not only compliant but also well-protected from potential legal pitfalls.


Expertise in Construction Law in Central New York

Our law firm’s deep understanding of construction law equips us to offer invaluable guidance in Syracuse’s burgeoning construction scene. We assist clients with contract negotiations, ensuring that their agreements are comprehensive, clear, and protective of their interests. Additionally, we offer guidance on navigating regulatory frameworks, addressing zoning and land use compliance issues, and minimizing potential liability risks. In the unfortunate event of a dispute, we are skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods and, if necessary, adept in litigation to protect our clients’ rights.



As Syracuse experiences an exciting surge in construction activity, it is essential for developers, contractors, and all stakeholders to be well-versed in construction law to successfully navigate this dynamic landscape. Our law firm stands ready to provide comprehensive legal support, offering expertise in drafting contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, and resolving disputes. By engaging with our experienced team, stakeholders in Syracuse’s construction boom can rest assured that their interests are protected, allowing them to focus on bringing their projects to fruition and contributing to the city’s growth and development.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this alert or need legal counsel related to a development project, please contact Bob Smith, head of our Construction Law team, or Rich Andino, point of contact for our Land Use and Development group.